TBDx™ Selected for Workshop Evaluation in India

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Director of the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), has extended a formal invitation (NIRT Invite) to attend a December 8th – 12th workshop in Chennai, India. The stated purpose of the conference is to conduct an intensive capacity building workshop, “Evaluation of new TB diagnostics,” in collaboration with Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and McGill International TB Centre & McGill Global Health Programs.

“Early diagnosis and prompt treatment initiation are pre-requisites for TB control.  Several promising new TB diagnostic tools are now in the advanced stages of development. For evidence-based policies and scale-up decisions, it is important to generate high quality evidence on the accuracy and clinical impact of new tools,“ noted Dr. Swaminathan.   “A few product developers have been invited to participate and present their TB technologies. Some of these may be selected by the workshop participants for the protocol development exercise, and we would like APVS to attend and make a presentation of their technology,” Dr. Swaminathan went on to comment

This exclusive workshop will include large, well-known industry participants from public sector institutes, including India’s four national TB institutes.  We have been selected because of their interest in the TBDx™ technology and our interest in providing diagnostic technology to a vast Indian market.

We will be provided sufficient time to demonstrate TBDx™, discuss its operation, technological advantages and clinical findings from South Africa and Nigeria, and to answer participant questions.  The workshop participants, including FIND and McGill University, will evaluate the technologies presented and select a few technologies for preparation of validation study protocols.  The group’s objective is to see these protocols implemented and the technologies adopted.

Dr. Madhukar Pai, McGill International TB Centre, stated, “I am helping to build Dx (diagnostic) validation capacity in the Indian public sector, so when a new test comes along, they can do validation trials, and then use that for policy development (NTP).”

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  1. Best wishes for continuos success of this very useful programme.

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