TBDx Evaluation Results To Be Presented During 44th Union World Conference

Each year during the World Conference on Lung Health the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sponsor a Late-Breaker session, scheduled this year for November 3rd in Paris.  The Late Breaker session is intended to present the latest findings from new, innovative, and substantial research initiatives. It is a highly competitive selection process, offering researchers a coveted platform to introduce their recently concluded findings to the medical community and the public.

Selected abstracts represent results that are seen as important or groundbreaking contributions in the fight against the spread of tuberculosis.  Late last week we were notified that the Conference abstract, presenting the results of the TBDx™ evaluation in South Africa, has been accepted by the Selection Committee and will be presented during this year’s Late-Breaker session.

The title of the presentation is “A novel TB diagnostic algorithm using automated microscopy achieves high sensitivity while reducing the volume of Xpert MTB/RIF testing.” The authors include Dr. Nazir Ismail and Shaheed Vally Omar from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases; Dr. David Dowdy from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dr. Gavin Churchyard, Dr. Dave Clark, and Minty Van Der Meulen from the Aurum Institute; and, Sean Kennedy from Applied Visual Sciences.

It is customary for the Conference to post links to accepted abstracts for both oral sessions and poster presentations.  The Late Breaker panel session abstract will be available online shortly. <update: Late Breaker panel session abstract now available>.

Performance details will be disclosed during this session. However, we can acknowledge that evidence will be presented illustrating that TBDx™ can be a very effective screening technology using GeneXpert (or any molecular test) for confirmation and drug susceptibility testing of the TBDx™-positive cases.  The results will demonstrate that the combination of these two technologies will produce very good sensitivity with high specificity, together introducing a diagnostic algorithm that is more affordable to global healthcare budgets.

We will be showcasing the TBDx™ technology during the Conference, from October 31 to November 3, 2013 when more than 3,000 professionals gather from around the globe to discuss tuberculosis and other lung health topics.

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