TBDx™ Selected As Finalist in Innovate TB Showcase

After a furious two weeks of popular voting, TBDx™ has finished as a Finalist in the first Innovate TB showcase. More than 23 different contestants participated this year, ranging from new diagnostic and drug therapy treatment options, to TB awareness-building efforts through Indian Flash Mobs and South African “Walks for Humanity”, to software that registers and monitors TB patients. TBDx™ finished second in receiving 384 votes.

This is the first of two stages. The top three vote-getters now qualify for evaluation. The winner will be chosen by a panel of TB experts. The runner-up with the most votes will be awarded the Fan Favorite. The winner and Fan Favorite will received featured attention in publications, websites, and various social media channels, including interviews and videos.

Efforts such as these are very important. They bring much needed attention and resources to the worldwide TB epidemic. Thanks so much to all who voted for us.

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