Signature Mapping Medical Sciences to Present at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, will hold its annual conference on medical imaging from February 4th through the 9th in San Diego.  Signature Mapping Medical Sciences submitted a technical paper for presentation at the conference and publication by SPIE.  After peer review, our submission has been accepted by the conference and will be presented by Dr. Fleming Lure.

Shown below is a summation of the abstract to be presented.

Automated Detection Of Tuberculosis On Sputum Smeared Slides
Using Stepwise Classification

Paper 8315-123

Tuberculosis (TB) is the main cause of death due to infectious disease. One-third of the world’s population carry TB bacteria, originating about 10 million active TB cases and approximately 3 million deaths annually. The standard routine visual slide screening for identification of tuberculosis (TB) bacilli in stained sputum slides using a microscope system can miss up to 50% of TB. A computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system is developed to automatically detect TB using a novel stepwise classification algorithm. The stepwise classification enhances the detection of TB loads while removing false positive objects in order to reach high detection accuracy.

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