APVS Receives Sixth Patent

Applied Visual Sciences (APVS) announces the issuance of patent, 8,045,805 titled Method for determining whether a feature of interest or an anomaly is present in an image,” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent extends APVS’s existing patent protection into the image analysis domain.

The patented process is a system and method for identifying objects of interest in digital image data. The present invention utilizes principles of Iterative Transformational Divergence in which objects in images, when subjected to special transformations, will exhibit radically different responses based on the physical, chemical, or numerical properties of the object or its representation (such as images), combined with machine learning capabilities. Using the system and methods of the present invention, certain objects that appear indistinguishable from other objects to the eye or computer recognition systems, or are otherwise almost identical, generate radically different and statistically significant differences in the image describers (metrics) that can be easily measured.

This patent further extends our intellectual property portfolio and enhances protection of our inventions.  This patent along with the previous five issued patents establishes the credibility of the imaging technologies within our intellectual property portfolio and protects our proprietary technology platform for future applications development.


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