Signature Mapping TBDxV™ Receives Recommendation of High Ranking Indian Parliamentary Official

As previously discussed in our blog dated April 25th, Signature Mapping Medical Sciences, Inc. (SMMS) hired Mr. Anoop Kaul as the Country Head for India to launch product sales and marketing initiatives for Signature Mapping TBDxV™.  Mr. Kaul has been actively marketing TBDxV to the Ministries of Health in several Indian States, as well as to federal governmental officials.  These healthcare officials have instantly recognized the benefits of moving TB slide processing from a human viewing slides through a microscope – to an automated image capture process that delivers high quality digital images. Anoop has initiated the purchasing process in several states for a number of TBDxV systems, including governmental documentation and budget allocation and approval.

In addition to the state-level sales efforts, Anoop has held high-level meetings with officials at the national level of government.  Similar to the process in the United States, receiving the appropriate recommendation and funding approval from the federal government is indispensable.  Last week SMMS’s TBDxV system received an endorsement from Mr. Oscar Fernandes, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Congressional Central Election Committee through a letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India, Mr. Azad.  In addition to his other roles, Mr. Fernandes is a distinguished senior congressional leader and is the Chairman of the All India Congress Committee and a Member of the Congress Working Committee.

The significance of this endorsement is that it clears any roadblocks the States may encounter in purchasing the TBDxV systems.

TBDxV™ Receives Recommendation of High Ranking Indian Parliamentary Official

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