APVS Visited by Dr. N. K. Ganguly – Highly Distinguished Indian Healthcare Expert

On June 9th, the executives and staff of APVS were honored to receive a visit from a global leader in the fight against infectious diseases, and the principal healthcare advisor to the Government of India (bio listed below).  Dr. N. K. Ganguly arranged time in his very busy U.S. travel schedule to visually review the operation of the Signature Mapping TBDx System.  Dr. Ganguly has played a very significant advisory role in guiding our efforts on research funding, establishing credibility within the Indian healthcare system, and in the development of our partnership with LRS Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases in New Delhi.

During the two-hour visit we had time to discuss next steps with respect to both research and commercialization.  Dr. Ganguly provided several key next-phase product development recommendations, additional research funding sources (including an offer of providing a personal recommendation to the agencies), and potential early adopter commercial clients for the technology.  The most significant topic discussed centered onstrategies to move the technology closer to the point of care.  Dr. Ganguly felt very strongly that TBDx could be situated in two very different delivery mechanisms that would position the automated detection at the point of care without a requirement for highly trained laboratory technologists.

Finally, Dr. Ganguly believes the Wellcome Trust will select our project for funding.  As the project progresses towards completion of a Ziehl-Neelsen based solution, Dr. Ganguly’s advice and counsel will become even more valuable as he uses his experience, contacts, and influence to bring the technology to the marketplace.

Biography of Nirmal K. Ganguly, M.D. – is a Distinguished Biotechnology Professor & Advisor, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, New Delhi, and President of the Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER). He was formerly the Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi.

Prof. Ganguly has published 734 papers and guided 130 Ph.D theses as guide/co-guide. His major areas of research have been tropical diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diarrhoeal diseases. His interest encompasses the disciplines of Immunology, Biotechnology and Public Health.
Prof. Ganguly is Fellow, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London; Royal College of Pathologists, London; International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, Canada; Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy; and International Medical Sciences Academy, New Delhi. He is also Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi; National Academy of Science, Allahabad; and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

He is a Member of the Advisory Group, Cholera Vaccine Investment Case Preparation by the International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, Korea. He is also Member, Global Access Advisory Committee, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Worldwide Anti-malarial Resistance Network (WWARN), Centre for Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford, U.K., and Asian AIDS Vaccine Network Task Force, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland. He is member of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Editorial Board, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manitoba, Canada. He is President, The Asian Conference on Diarrhoeal Diseases and Nutrition (ASCODD), Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Honorary Global Health Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at Boston University, USA; and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, USA. He is also on the Scientific Board, Grand Challenges, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He has won 106 awards, including 4 International and 102 National awards. He has recently been honored with the prestigious Padma Bhushan award by Her Excellency the President of India on 26th of January, 2008 in the field of ‘Medicine’.

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