Dr. Fleming Lure To Present TB Paper At The ISPHT 2011 Conference

Dr. Fleming Lure, SMMS’s Vice President of Program Development, has been requested to present the following paper, “Application Of Stepwise Binary Decision Classification For Reduction Of False Positives In Tuberculosis Detection From Smeared Slides,” at the Artificial Intelligence and Applications 2011 Conference to be held May 16-18.  The conference will focus on image and signal processing in healthcare and technology.

Dr. Lure’s presentation will be based on data and findings from our research and development efforts on Signature Mapping TBDx.  The underlying paper was the collaborative effort of SMMS, The Aurum Institute, The National Health Laboratory Services of South Africa, and Medicine In Need South Africa.

Fleming Lure, Ph.D, Vice President of Program Development

Dr. Lure has 18 years of R&D experience in computer-aided diagnosis of lung and breast cancer using digital image processing, pattern recognition, feature extraction, multi-resolution approaches and neural network decision fusion techniques. He was principal investigator of several NIH SBIR Phase I and Phase II projects. Dr. Lure holds 8 patents and 8 are pending, and has published more than 60 technical papers in conference proceedings and journals.  Dr. Lure received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and his MS degree in Atmospheric Sciences from The Ohio State University.

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