Initial TBDx Clinical Trial Results Revealed

Summary level results, as tabulated by the London School of Medicine (LSM), were provided to the Company’s management on a conference call earlier today.  While the specific sensitivity and specificity performance of TBDx was disclosed to SMMS’s management, it unfortunately cannot be made available to the public until the following actions have been completed:

  • LSM completes the stratification analysis of performance based on WHO case severity categories; and,
  • South African microscopist review all positive fields of view associated with scanty cases (1-9 TB bacilli) as part of the decision support system process previously discussed in Dr. Clark’s letter dated March 15, 2011.

What can be disclosed about the performance of TBDx is that it significantly outperformed two trained and experienced microscopists, each reviewing the same slides as TBDx.  The performance results of TBDx reflected very closely the expected results going into the trial.

Based on the summary level results, actions have been undertaken to bring the revenue and deployment opportunities discussed in Dr. Clark’s letter (TBDx Study – Status Letter) to fruition.  Aurum also disclosed that on April 21st they submitted a funding proposal for an additional revenue opportunity, with international market implications.  They expect approval of the funding as early as June.

Based on today’s discussion an agenda, meeting schedule, and travel plans have been tentatively agreed too and should be confirmed in a conference call next Tuesday.  It is expected that SMMS personnel will be in South Africa the later part of this month.

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