Indian Embassy Technology Attache Endorses TBDx

In an official communique to Dr. Katoch (Secretary, Indian Department of Health Research), Dr. Dutta, the Science and Technology Attache at the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC, provided an endorsement of the TBDx automated solution for the detection of tuberculosis.

Dr. Dutta was an invited guest of Signature Mapping Medical Sciences for a briefing and hands-on demonstration of the TBDx solution. He quickly grasped the potential benefits of automated processing and detection of TB in the world’s most highly burdened country. As compared with current practiced human visual analysis of prepared slides which is tedious, labor intensive and prone to errors, Dr. Dutta realizes the positive impact TBDx would have in the accuracy of detection leading to immediate therapeutic treatment of the disease.

His recommendation to Dr. Katoch is the immediate evaluation of TBDx for use in the Indian diagnosis of TB.

Dr. Dutta Embassy of India Letter

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