TBDx Demonstrations

Over the past two weeks we have conducted multiple demonstrations of the TBDx fully automated system.  Among the attendees were the Science & Technology Attache from the Indian Embassy; a prominent doctor, healthcare business owner, and potential business partner from India; Dr. Krishna Banaudha from George Washington University; and our Company Board of Directors.

Everyone who witnessed the TBDx system was impressed with its fully automated capability, its detection ability, and most significantly its ability to auto-focus the images.  Without prompting, many of the participants expressed ideas about using the technology platform to advance applications in a multitude of laboratory/pathology areas, including malaria, leprosy, cancer, and other high-risk diseases.

We are currently planning for another wave of guests and hoping to present to the US-India Business Coalition, The World Health Organization, The Center for Disease Control, and the National Institute of Health.

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